Adalet al'Asuman


A slender, flighty elf woman, Adalet has greasy sandy hair, dark brown eyes and a sardonic smile. She wears a gown of emerald velvet threaded with saffron. Its bell-shaped skirt and elbow-length sleeves are ornamented with gilt lace. The effect is regal.


Adalet is a noblewoman of Ailead. She is a current senator for the Noble District in the Republic of Ailead. She is greatly interested in maintaining the status quo of Ailead.

Jozan and Bu-Jinwen Nivaye were able to rally her support to the cause of Sosimo Primo Santos after some discussion of how this would keep the nobleman in high standing. Bu-jinwen’s noble status also aided in keeping the interest of Adalet.

Adalet al'Asuman

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