Adaxus, Cpt.

Captain at Easthaven Island


Adaxus is a hulking, bald figure of iron wrought muscle. He is known for his long, midnight blue captain’s coat that hangs heavily about his body. His stern brow and intense appearance are accentuated by his burnside style facial hair.

Though he not commonly seen with visible weaponry, it is very apparent that he is dangerous. It battle he wields a variety of weapons, including a new model pistol from Urima and a falcatta style blade taken from a plundered military Ailead vessel.


Adaxus is one of the pirate captains in charge of the operations at and around Easthaven Island.

The adventurers from Ailead heard of this man during the rescue of the Lady in Waiting. After their ship was forcibly anchored, the group went to barter at the pirate base and were greeted by this man and a contingent of armed crewmen. Adaxus forced the travelers to disarm and then brought them to meet with Captain Rudo. On Rudo’s request, the large pirate took a message that had been in Jozan’s possession to be deciphered by a prisoner on the island. After the party returned from a meeting with the Shaman of Easthaven Island, Adaxus escorted them back to their rowboat and commanded them away from the island.

The Archive May 26th

Adaxus, Cpt.

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