Augustin Gonzalo

Retired Tactician


Augustin is a lightly colored man that is average in height, but if the substantial greying of his hair is any indication, he must have been a tall man in his prime. His eyes are keen and alert, with wrinkling about his temples. Though the top of his head is commonly covered by some casual headdress, he has waved hair cropped short and flecked with bits of reds and browns. His face has a thick, neatly trimmed and groomed beard that lays under a slender, long nose.

The old veteran often wears a tunic with an ample collar, and has a preference for fur interiors or lining with velvet outsides. His breeches and tunic tend towards dark shades. His footwear is more fitting of a high court than a military man’s feet. He is always seen wearing a type of military insignia out of pride, usually a military buckle or cufflinks that stand out amongst his apparel. He always wears a small ring on his hand which holds a deep black stone.

He speaks in a dignified, slightly raspy voice that betrays his age.


A veteran of wars for the past forty years, Augustin Gonzalo has served in the Palcanod Conflict and the Peroshi-Daramaian War among others. He has held distinction as a master tactician on land and sea, earning the military ranks of both general and admiral.

He currently lives out his later years in Ailead at the Gonzalo Estate worrying about the potential in the new, volatile, interconnected world community for a total Fonoros war. He spends his free time tutoring a number of students in military history and tactics for field command. Alexander Scipio is one of his more prized students.

Avaniel Cerelion, Bu-Jinwen Nivaye, Jozan, and Kaspar Ottokar delivered a package Kaspar had brought for Augustin, and they had done some work for Gonzalo to earn a writ of recommendation that would allow them to bypass the travel embargo to Urima. By clearing his workshop of a dretch, the group had proven their worth. Augustin told them to return another time to see if he could set them up with other contacts that could speed them on their way.

The next day, while entertaining his guest, Roger, and teaching Alexander, the group returned to Augustin to see what he could find. While he could not think of any nobles in particular, when he had heard the group encountered a battle with a group of draugr in the Hospitality District of Ailead, he immediately suggested they try to find Captain Junipero Olegario. Augustin claimed he was one of the guard captains of that district and might be open to helping the group with their travel plans if they aided the city from the new menace.

After scolding Roger for forging a writ for the group, Augustin claimed that the sketch the group had of the illusory rune outside the Mouth of Chaos was far to ancient to decipher. He suggested finding a timeless being or traveling to the great academic libraries and teachers of Desov to learn more about the sketch.

A few days later, Avaniel returned to Augustin to discover the fundamentals of magic. Augustin allowed the ranger to copy some of his spellbook entries for his own use.

Augustin Gonzalo

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