Gregor Baranzar

Noble of Ailead


This dwarf sports a flowing red beard. Split in the middle into braids, it is looped around the ears and tied into a ponytail at the rear of the head. A collection of gold trinket jewelry wraps about the clothing of the person.

The stout creature wears a stiff suit of white and orange regularly. New, shiny leather boots that are rugged in form are common at his feet. Little effort is made to wrangle the mass of straight red, gray and white hair on the person’s head.


Baranzar is a dwarven noble in Ailead that is acquiring animals to create a zoo for fame. The companions from Ailead killed off a dire Hyena destined for his zoo while still in the town. He has made his riches after a gamble on a shaky market time in Ailead. He has created much of the temple structures to Yueya and Farmourn near the Noble District border to the Hospitality District.

Later, he was a guest at Count Harlan Wells’s manor in Northlight for the masquerade ball during the Festival of Fools. He was in the company of Augustin Gonzalo and Alexander Scipio when the adventurers met him. Introducing himself as Draforga for the masquerade ball, the merchant and architect said he expected his “zoo” to be near completion within a year.

Baranzar asked about the adventurers’ story about the drake of Faldrin. After briefly speaking about it, Jozan mentioned the creature seemed supernaturally powerful. Kaspar commented on the possibility of a silver weakness in the creature. Augustin and Baranzar were intrigued at the notion of an immortal beast. Avaniel commented he had wished they could have captured the beast for Baranzar, but the old dwarf seemed less inclined to accept the creature. He claimed to have gotten the idea after a particularly dangerous run in with a large green bear. After praying for his life from Dom, he claimed to have had a vision. He viewed a hawk from on high which descended to the ground and demanded he cease his butchery of animals. Baranzar agreed, and the bear departed. He was loathe to stop his passion of the hunt, but an idea came to the dwarf. He wished others to see the wonders of the world, and thus conscripted trappers to bring rare creatures to him for citizens to view.

Gregor Baranzar

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