Lumberjack in Anvil Crawler Brake


A stout human with a usually roughly shaved face and short, cropped hair. He wears a thick leather tunic and breeches well suited to the outdoors. His short boots make hiking in Anvil Crawler Brake much easier, an advantage when searching for logging areas. A brimmed hat provides makeshift shade, and a tightly knit cotton scarf provides cover for his mouth when dust becomes an issue.

He carries a bow saw and felling axe typical of the other lumberjacks of the forest near Ailead. A collection of tie offs, for bundles of lumber or faggots to and from the small lumberyards about Anvil Crawler, and normal travel supplies are stored in a shoulder bag on his person.


Dagget is a lumberjack working for a small operation in Anvil Crawler Brake, a lightly forested, hilly area west of Ailead. During a day of felling lumber, Dagget and his coworker and friend, Forgwid, were on their way to cross a stream by way of an old bridge with a lumber load for the day’s work. Forgwid took food from Dagget and began to run across the bridge. Dagget chased him with his felling axe in hand and accidentally cut the rope supports while running by them.

The planking gave way under Forgwid. It sliced his leg up quite badly. Dagget was barely able to pull him out of the hole just as the bridge tore, dropping the two into the water. The bloodbacks, a type of crustacean attracted and violent to blood, started tearing Forgwid’s leg apart as Dagget dragged him using the bridge to the bank. He had tried to get the bleeding to stop but could not.

Avaniel Cerelion and Jozan arrived on the scene in pursuit of Bertram Garret. The pair assisted Dagget in binding Forgwid’s wounds and, with some difficulty, reconnecting the bridge leading deeper into Anvil Crawler before taking their leave.


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