Diegas Altresca

Captain of the Lady in Waiting


Diegas is a very typical specimen of a seafaring trader out of Ailead. His dark skin is heavily concealed by a light colored, thick beard giving away his heritage as a coastal citizen of Eastern Daramis. The beard is mostly out of convenience and is always shaved down before presenting himself to dignified persons.

Diegas wears fine attire produced by his employers, the Primo Santos Family. His clothes are a combination of silk and weathered treated velvet. The Primo Santos family crest is displayed prominently upon his captain’s coat, buttons and cufflinks.


Diegas is the captain of the Lady in Waiting, a trade ship under the Primo Santos Family. He was found by the companions after they fended off a band of pirates from Easthaven Island with the help of the Steelsnout crew. He thanked the adventurer’s for saving his ship with presents that would aid them on their journeys through northern Urima.

Diegas Altresca

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