Hedravol, Lieutenant

Former Commandant of Fort Mercaeus


The countenance of Hedravol s nonexistent, for no sign of hair nor chin can be found atop the metal collar of his slightly rusting full plate. The crownless abomination wears heavy gauntlets on his arms, and he carries a longsword that gleams where it is not caked by dirt. A heraldic sash drapes across his armor, grey and splotchy. The whole suit pulses with a black vapor that clings in a helix about the monster. In time, the miasma gathers and coalesces, forming a fleeting glimpse of a flesh torn skull gazing through flecks of gold.


Hedravol was the commandant of Fort Mercaeus during the Peroshi-Daramaian War. After failing to save Wildweeper Villa from a riot of townsfolk, he and the fort were cursed by Roland Wildweeper to forever guard the town of Mercaeus. Sometime later, the fort was razed by the Peroshi, and all soldiers killed.

Hedravol, Lieutenant

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