Herana Zephyrpaw

Wife of Saluhul Zephyrpaw


Herana has fiery red hair that is an extreme, striking feature. Though she is elven, she is similar in bulk to a human due to heavy training during her militia term in Austraris. Though she wore the skins typical of the cold climate in the northern sections of Urima, moving to the woods near the Molagona Mountains has changed her clothing choice. Now, she favors loose blouses and skirts for the comfort she was rarely afforded in her old homeland.


Herana is the wife of Saluhul Zephyrpaw, and she is a militia fighter from Austraris. There she met Saluhul, and together they had two children, Seta and Omu. The Zephyrpaw home was attacked by raiding goblins which she attempted to fend off. After being captured for unknown reasons by the goblinoids near her home, she was rescued by the adventurers from Ailead aided by her husband.

Later, Jozan and Avaniel would return to her home. They implored her husband to join them in a journey to Mercaeus to address wadering undead there. Though reluctant at first, he was convinced by the offering of money for a carpenter to repair his furniture, and Herana offered to assist in hunting for the winter. With his family taken care of, Saluhul joined the two to Mercaeus.

Herana Zephyrpaw

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