Horatio the Red


Horatio is a dwarf with tawny skin, black eyes, and black hair. He is small (even for a dwarf), with a thin, hollow-cheeked face. His outfit consists of a mauve linen long-sleeved tunic and ivory cotton pants.


Horatio is one of the senators for the Merchant Quarter in the Republic of Ailead. He worked formerly as a smith foreman for a merchant concern in Ailead, and he continues to do so in the little spare time he has.

Avaniel Cerelion and Jozan attempted to rally his support behind the Primo Santos family, but the dwarf found their approach closer to clergy beggars than dignified representatives. He dismissed them without pledging any support.

The next day, during the first recess of the day for the Republic, the adventurers pleaded with him once again. They claimed overhead would suffer if shipping was not allowed by a major exporter to Urima. Reluctantly, Horatio made an offer. If the group could win a game of Bathort against him, he would rally for their cause. Jozan failed to defeat the dwarf, but Avaniel managed to win his support in a close match.

Horatio the Red

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