Irelevi Wildweeper


Irelevi wears a thick, dark green cloak. Tribal markings are scattered on her face and body. A streak of dark green runs across her ink black eyes from temple to temple. Small bone and leather fetishes adorn her neck. Light colored hair flows from the covering hood. A pair of armbands runs the span of her forearms. Runes stretch the course of the wraps, and on a slightly closer look, rings for manacle chains can be seen. Layers of black and brown leather cascade down her legs. The keen eyes of the woman seem to probe the viewer’s mind.


Irelevi is one of the four children of Roland and Esmerelda Wildweeper. She was raised in Wildweeper Villa near Mercaeus. When the townsfolk of Mercaeus stormed the family estate and murdered its inhabitants, Irelevi, Ariel, and her brother, Aldatre, were rescued by Deras, the adviser at Fort Mercaeus. Her sister, Vedralissan, was never found.

While her sister and brother were sent away from Mercaeus, Irelevi stayed with the nobility in Northlight until she had become old enough to return to her homeland. Upon returning, Irelevi built a cottage on the outskirts of Mercaeus between the town and her family’s abandoned villa. She makes her living there peddling potions and alchemical wares to citizens and merchants traveling from east of the Molagona Mountains to Northlight.

Irelevi Wildweeper

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