Ishak al'Derya

Huntmaster of Ailead


Ishak is barrel sized in frame. He has dark skin, part from heritage as a resident of the desert, part from the outdoors traveling nature of his profession. His medium length hair and beard are both jet black and poorly kept. His face is somewhat puffy about his cheeks, with a short, stubby nose.

His attire is fairly typical of the hunters in the area, consisting mostly of leather, fur and wool. His defining articles of his position include a cape bearing the insignia of Ailead, and a leaf shaped, silver pin on his collar and right cuff.


Ishak is the current huntmaster for the area around Anvil Crawler Brake, a forest near Ailead. He is secretly a leading member for the Mouth of Chaos Cult. Al’Derya also ordered a bounty on Bertram Garret after he attacked Ishak. The confrontation is apparently due to a misunderstanding and distrust between the two as to how the cult should progress in its study of the coastal cave.

After Avaniel Cerelion and Jozan dispatched Bertram, they went to collect their reward from Ishak. The huntmaster was surprised with the speed at which the group had handled the situation. He introduced himself and invited the group to discuss the events that they witnessed in a side smoking room. He produced the reward of one hundred coins, and asked where the group found Garret and if they knew why he committed his crimes. Worried about the claims Bertram had made concerning Ishak, Avaniel attempted to mislead al’Derya with a far less dramatic account than what actually occurred. The huntmaster saw through the lie and, after being lied to again, was thoroughly distrustful of the half-drow. Seeing the situation deteriorating, Jozan attempted to salvage what information they might learn from the official by giving him short statements on the events of the Mouth of Chaos. He dared not mention that either of them had clearly heard voices in the cave, and, seeing the reaction of the men in the room as he talked, he had a strong inclination that these men belonged to the cult.

Ishak nonchalantly commented that it would probably be best if these trivial events did not go to the authorities. Avaniel and Jozan had no objections despite the questions they had concerning the cave. As the night concluded for the men who were dining, Ishak invited Jozan to speak with him in private. He clearly did not have trust in the ranger to share his secrets in his presence. Upon settling with Ishak and his men in the smoking room again, the huntmaster invited Jozan to join their cause, the deciphering of the voices in the Mouth of Chaos. He claimed there were a few in their group, and all were devoted to this cause before Bertram holed up in the cavern making entrance there deadly. Jozan said he would consider the offer, and, on his way out, he noticed the material the men had been smoking was the same herb that the men in the Mouth of Chaos had been burning. Sampling it quickly, Jozan noted it as a slight psychotropic effect on him that also made him less focused.

Ishak al'Derya

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