Junipero Olegario, Cpt.

Captain of the Guard in Ailead hospitality District


Junipero is a man approaching the mid point of his life, and he looks of it. His face is dark from years of outdoor patrol. He wis clean-shaven, but he also sports a thick mane of black hair that is bond and woven to keep it out of his face.

He routinely wears a capeline style helmet that bears a spouting trio of fin-like protrusions on its left side, designating his rank. His shining cuirass sports a trio of dark, unpolished lines about the abdomen as another form of rank identification. A pair of pauldrons and an accompanying cloth band flowing from the left piece of metal bear similar markings with the same purpose.


Junipero is a guard captain for the hospitality district of Ailead. He had operational command of the guards dispatched to handle the attack on the district by Ludovic. He later cut a deal with a group of adventurers to explore information Ludovic had given him to protect the city.

The Archive January 6th

Junipero Olegario, Cpt.

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