Kaspar Ottokar

Academia Schule der Zauberei


Kaspar’s most defining feature are the short length mutton chops that stream down from his blonde and brown hair.

Kaspar wears a wine colored robe, finely cobbled buckled shoes, a light belt, and a simple, leather brimmed cap. He wears small buckles and badges indicating his affiliation with his employers at Academia Schule der Zauberei. He carries on him a gleaming, silver short sword as his primary weapon. A fine, chain shirt lies under his clothing to keep a dignified appearance.


Kaspar Ottokar is originally from Woristrom. He works as a delivery worker for Academia Schule der Zauberei to areas of Daramis typically. He comes from a family on the cusp of nobility in the region, leading him to work hard for a position of dignity in either the academy or business. His most recent delivery was meant for a gentleman in Ailead. Normally, he would be teleported to the location directly, but a miscast spell caused him to be transported a distance out of town.

Heading back towards Ailead, Avaniel Cerelion and Jozan encountered the oddly dressed Kaspar. Tripping to the floor, his pack dumped the contents of a box he was to deliver, some of which shattered. Kaspar made a mad dash for the group yelling for help. Smoke filled the air and dissipated to reveal a pile of bones. Suddenly, with great clacking, they stirred and assembled into a trio of skeletons. The group engaged the skeletons, and, with the Kaspar’s help, they repelled the undead attack.

Jang had been injured grievously, much to Jozan’s dismay. Kaspar introduced himself as a delivery worker for Academia Schule der Zauberei in Woristrom. He said that he was out here to deliver conjuration capsules to an Augustin Gonzalo in Ailead. He invited the group to come with him. Lacking a reward of his own to give them, he claimed agents inside Ailead should provide some payment to the group for their help.

Once the group entered Ailead, Kaspar broke off and requested payment for the service the companions had done for him. Upon returning, he delivered payment stubs and suggested the group come with him to deliver his package if they had questions concerning the rune sketch the adventurers possessed. After some trouble, the group tracked down Gonzalo and completed the delivery. Kaspar decided to assist Jozan and Avaniel in a task Augustin offered them for a writ of recommendation.

After clearing out Augustin’s workshop of the dretch vandal, the group went to Marco’s Glass and Compass to rest. On the way, they encountered an assault force of grindylows. The group worked quickly to dispatch a group near them while the town guards contended with other groups. The group then continued on the the inn.

In the middle of the night, dark creepers attempted to burglarize the inn, but the group was able to drive them back into the night. In the morning, Kaspar informed Avaniel that his work was done and it was time for him to report back to his sponsors in the city. He departed shortly after telling his story to a guard questioning inn patrons about last night’s attack.

While moving about the town the next day, Kaspar was broken from his revelry by the sounds of battle coming from a town square not far from him. He rushed in the area to find Jozan injured grievously. Assisting Avaniel, the pair was able to help Jozan recover. While the group fled, Kaspar stayed behind to assist the others that were injured.

Later on, Kaspar was conscripted by his superiors to transport six Drachen Darm siege weapons to Thiminoor. Through a generous sum of money, Kaspar was able to grease his way onto the Steelsnout just hours before a scheduled departure to northern Urima. On board, he met once again with the companions, who had just acquired the necessary permission to travel. On the boat, he gave a demonstration and training to the ship’s siege engineers regarding the new weapon. The crew would not have to wait long to utilize these new weapons.

Not far out of the docks, the Steelsnout encountered the Lady in Waiting under assault by pirates from Easthaven Island. Kaspar worked hard below deck coordinating and assisting with the siege crew. He rushed about applying first aid to the injured when he could. After the battle, he stayed below deck as the boarding party moved onto the Lady in Waiting. Though pressured by the sounds of combat above, Kaspar needed to tend to as many of the injured below deck as he could. After hearing the battle carrying over to the Steelsnout above, he changed his approach.

Blasting off the cargo hull door to the deck. He pleaded with the people above to lure the pirates into the line off fire of the weapon. He then convinced a pair of engineers to go above deck to drop harnesses so the Drachen Darm could be brought topside. After hauling it up, Kaspar and another crew member fired off a pair of shots at the leader of the pirates, finishing him off. He followed the rest of the boarding party aboard to check on the rest of the ship.

After the crew had been freed from their bonds, Kaspar asked for a recruitment log to check for a presumed spy aboard the vessel. After finding a questionable entry, he and the companions found the necessary proof in a coded puzzle book. The group was given a reward that would suit them for their travel in Urima, but Kaspar was left to look for something useful on his own among a bag of trinkets. He settled on a pair of goggles that he knew usually improved a person’s aptitude at a certain task.

Back out to sea, Kaspar awoke to find the boat frozen on the water by a magic anchor. After many unsuccessful attempts to free the boat, Jozan jumped into the water. Turning into a fish and diving deep along the chain, he reemerged being chased by a creature. With no new avenue to escape the magic anchor, Kaspar retired nervously to the group’s quarters. During the night, the anchor disappeared, only to be replaced by another under the boat. The captain, his first mate, and the traveling companions decided it might be best to meet the pirates on their own terms for negotiation. So the adventurers and Aldrazan were sent out by rowboat to the island.

During their journey, the small vessel was attacked by the sea hag which had attacked Jozan at an earlier time. The creature attacked the vessel with claws, terrifying abilities, and a pair of magically conjured dancing whips. Aldrazan and the companions managed to survive the onslaught of the magic whips and were shocked when both the sea hag and Bu-Jinwen Nivaye had disappeared in a veil of energy. The group continued warily to the island.

Upon landing at the island, the group was disarmed by Captain Adaxus before being led to meet with Captain Rudo deeper in the island. The adventurers left with Rudo to barter with the Shaman of Easthaven Island. Kaspar watched as the shaman expressed the idea of a world overlapping this one, one that he could take Jozan and Avaniel to. When the pair agreed, Kaspar watched the men disappear and quickly return. The curious display was most peculiar to the courier. The men from Ailead were reunited with Aldrazan, and together the Steelsnout sailors returned to their ship.

Later on the journey to Northlight, the ship was attacked by dark folk chasing Avaniel and Jozan. Kaspar fought to fend off the creatures, but the sly creatures had a trap in place. Explosions blasted the hull of the ship until water poured in. Aldrazan and the captain knew what was to come next, and they ushered the adventurers and a pair of crewmen into the captain’s cabin to prepare.

The Steelsnout began to transform, taking the shape and summoning the crew of the Barbaroi. After some explanation, the trio of adventurers decided to scout the ship for Captain Paras, but the guests ran into some of the ghostly crew. Captain Jacob and Aldrazan took arms, and the combined steel managed to overtake the creatures.

Later on, Kaspar mounted a desperate defense to save the life of Jozan from the muderous scourge, Paras. Taking brutal wounds, the courier put himself in extreme danger to try to save the druid. Luckily, Avaniel returned just in time with Jacob and Aldrazan. The combined might of the warriors once again prevailed, and Jacob commanded the phantom Barbaroi crew to repair the ship and set a course for Northlight before dismissing them.

Upon reaching Northlight, Aldrazan informed Jozan that a significant portion of crew had been lost, and more people would have to be recruited before the ship could sail to Wellcliff. As Kaspar guided Avaniel and Jozan to the main market, it was learned that the Festival of Fools was in full swing. Pranks and jokes abound as the trio moved about to make their purchases. Kaspar suggested perhaps helping in the recruitment effort for the Steelsnout, and so the group watched for opportunities. Frustrated with the salesman of Mad Maddock’s Magnificent Magics, Kaspar left to get some food and drink at The Flying Mug.

A short time later, Kaspar was alerted to the sounds of chaos outside. Upon opening the door, Kaspar saw Jozan and Avaniel engaging in battle with a swarm of dangerous roaches and a few larger pests. The battle was a bloody one, and there were times Kaspar had felt he had been lured into the battle by the others only to be abandoned. This led to the young courier being overwhelmed and falling in battle to the swarm as he tried to escape. He was pulled from the swarm by Avaniel and revived. Furious at his companions, he stormed off.

When Kaspar was seen next, the adventurers noted the marked increase in the arsenal of the son of Ottokar. He was recruiting openly in the main square to great effect. Jozan and Avaniel went to greet Kaspar, but he remarked that he would have none of it. He expressed his disgust towards their cowardice and callous view of his life, but he thanked Avaniel for helping him. He said he had asked for a transfer to a new assignment, but he was denied. Jozan tried to express his regret regarding the events the previous day, but his clumsy words only seemed to increase the negative feelings of the delivery worker. Kaspar had gone out of his way to save Jozan’s life before. Could Kaspar trust the same of Jozan?

After talking it over, the group decided that perhaps Faldrin could garner the crew they needed. After discovering where to go, the group accosted both elves and halflings in an attempt to learn more about this monster plaguing the town. They had little success. Avaniel considered talking to the count directly, but they had heard that he would be holed up in his manor during the festivities of the Festival of Fools, and the guest list to his parties there was quite exclusive.

Kaspar and the others resigned themselves to buying ponies and traveling out to Faldrin. Kaspar was ill at ease looking at the discolored forest, cottages in disrepair, and bleached farmlands about the village of Faldrin. Kaspar and the others went into The Oaken Shield for lodging. Kaspar went off to bed, leaving the investigation to Avaniel and Jozan.

Waking the next morning, Kaspar was informed that his companions believed the monster was a forest drake. The beast lived in a cavern in the Molagona Mountains, and the creature was supposedly immortal save for a weakness to be found in the cave. The group ventured out to the cavern indicated on a makeshift map given to Jozan. Outside, the group was ambushed by the drake as it scooped up a sentry and carried it off to its lair. Kaspar struggled to maintain composure throughout the ordeal, but he remained silent enough for the companions to escape notice.

Kaspar and Jozan found an underwater path into the cave, and the adventurers descended into the cave. Kaspar was truly baffled by a collection of runes Jozan and Avaniel discussed at length. He became less baffled and more frightened when a peculiar entity blocked progress through the cave. The creature seemed to have an unheard conversation with his companions, but when the creature began to glow red and black and pulse, Kaspar ran just in time to avoid a destructive shock wave ripping the creature apart.

The group ventured deeper into the cave. Kaspar and Jozan quietly went into a large chamber, and were shocked when the great drake spewed its acidic cloud upon Avaniel as he entered. Kaspar called upon some new magic and new weapons to help subdue and distract the beast. Soon, the beast fell, and the trio split its hoard before returning to Faldrin.

Great pride and embarrassment went through Kaspar as the townspeople celebrated the return of the three men. He felt fulfilled after truly accomplishing something grand for these people. He had become someone to this community, and he was happy to celebrate his accomplishment and their freedom from the drake’s terror. Kaspar helped rally the farmers to the Steelsnout’s plight before the joyous festivities at the inn and a well deserved rest.

Waking the next morning, Kaspar set off with the others to return to Northlight. They encountered Saluhul Zephyrpaw upon the trail. After learning his wife and neighbor might be in trouble from goblinkin, the group decided to help. It could be helpful for Zephyrpaw to guard the road for the Faldrin recruits. Kaspar often took point with Jozan. Though he still bore ill feelings towards the druid, he knew that cooperation would be necessary to continue the success the trio had garnered. After tracking the goblin lair down, the captives were rescued, Saluhul’s help secured, and the group continued back to Northlight.

Kaspar sold off his share of the loot and retired to the Steelsnout, and after a time, a herald came to speak with Avaniel, Jozan, and him. The herald invited the trio to Count Well’s manor for a masquerade ball. Upon accepting and resting, Kaspar went with the others to get a costume for the “role reversal of the sexes” theme of the party. During the preparation, Kaspar suggested getting a gift of art for the count. He bought the count a music box, “The Muse of the Sea”, as his offering. At dusk, the group was picked up by a mysterious carriage, and, after a short trip to the art dealer, Kaspar and the others went off to the mansion and the Festival of Fools party.

At the party, Kaspar split from the group rather early to speak with the other guests and enjoy the merriment. Later on, he found his companions in a state of embarrassment over a jest the Count had played on the two. As the night drew on, Kaspar and his companions were gifted with the presence of the Count in his private box at the theater. While there, the attendants talked of the past and their beginnings. It came to light that Jozan and Avaniel had a forged writ in their possession. Kaspar wanted to help his friends, but he was worried about being labelled an accomplice to the deed. When apologies were set in place however, Kaspar worked as hard as he could to bolster the appearance of the pair’s character.

Escaping the situation by agreeing to go to Mercaeus on behalf of Duke Florant Asparago Durigo, the pair asked Kaspar if he would help them deal with the undead of the area. Though they needed help, Kaspar could not stomach the thought of such danger. He did agree to assist the group by making sure to hold the Steelsnout at Wellcliff until they returned. His companions left, and Kaspar continued to enjoy the night.

Early in the morning, Kaspar rose his companions so that they could leave the ship before it departed in the morning. He would await the pair’s arrival at Wellcliff.

The three reunited companions settled in for the night after securing a place on the common room floor of a Wellcliff inn. Kaspar mentioned that he had sent word to Woristrom about holding up the Steelsnout, and it was his employers that dispatched the inspector to Wellcliff to check the ship’s goods. It would buy them some time in the area, and Jozan and Avaniel expressed a desire to enter the domain of King Brightcedar outside of town.

The next morning, Jozan and Kaspar wandered about town to secure magical healing for the lingering ailments affecting the men. They managed to make their way to a temple of Alariel, and it was there they implored the local head abbot to their service. Besides payment, the abbot told the men he would have to cast a spell upon them to make sure his care was given to those who would not misuse gifts given.

Upon casting his magic, the head abbot fell to the floor. The other disciples gathered about to aid him, questioning what happened. The dazed man asked the druid what he had recently been doing. Jozan was confused, but also he was very defensive and unwilling to give out any information. The abbot told him that he had a great and powerful evil about him; It stuck to him on the air. He asked the druid once again where he might have picked up this essence. The abbot assured him he did not feel the druid was an evil person, but he expressed a great urgency in learning anything useful.

Jozan only gave up that he had been in Mercaeus not long ago. Perhaps he had carried the wicked undead essence with him to the small port town. The abbot seemed skeptical, but agreed to help heal the druid. With the donation of a potion and some gold, he agreed to heal Avaniel in time as well, provided he was not ill of heart as well.

Avaniel would return with Kaspar and Jozan, and the townsfolk were very suspicious of the half drow. Kaspar told him to be as inconspicuous as he could manage. Wellcliff was known to be very liberal with the punishment of hanging. They made their way carefully to the temple, and, once inside, the abbot greeted them cautiously. He began to once again cast his magics to test the men. Once again he collapsed. This time, the disciples began to become quite guarded and somewhat accusing before the head abbot awoke again.

The head abbot was not so easily dismissed this time. He made it clear that it was not possible for the men to be unknowing of how they acquired such an aura of dread about them. Heading off to a private chamber, the head abbot, the adventurers, and two disciples discussed what the men knew of the nightmare realm they had been to. One of the disciples recalled hearing Zeric, one of the more influential people of Desov speaking of such a place. He called it the Pit of Yearning. It was indeed reached by leylines, and if Zeric knew about the place, it was a place of great influence indeed. He was perhaps the most powerful magic entity of Fonoros. Entity and not man, if the rumors of his immortal nature were indeed true.

Jozan and Avaniel mentioned their encounter with Yogir in the plane, and more dismay crept into the face of the head abbot. There were legends of how Sophia Fatima and her 6 companions, Simon, Zeric, Viktir, Regor, Chen Jie Lee, and Miranda, had banished the Dragon of Death into another realm. If these travelers had visited this realm, it was imperitive that these leylines be investigated. The head abbot conveyed to the men the severity of the situation at hand. If such evils had a potential pathway back into the realm of men and mer, then every creature was in danger. The druid and hunter did what they could to explain where they had seen the leylines: the Mouth of Chaos; a large stretch of ocean and Easthaven Island itself; Fort Mercaeus, where it seemed to bleed into reality; and a pair in Wildweeper Villa that indicated that perhaps the Wildweepers had understood some of the properties of the Pit.

The abbot began charting out these locations, seeing no pattern. He told the men he would alert as many agencies as he could to study and contain the leylines. Jozan showed the head abbot more clues that had been uncovered over the journey. He showed the cleric the symbol he had copied from the hand of Shalecore, but no new information could be gleaned from it. The rune of the entrance to the Mouth of Chaos was discovered to be an illusory rune of some power. It had followed that this would be true when the pair considered the hidden nature of the entrance. Whom could have placed it there though?

The last question came from the drake’s cavern near Faldrin. The odd entity there had made proclamations. It had mentioned the word " Monad " many times. The list upon Jozan’s back had claimed the seven champions of Fonoros were being accused of being without Monad. The head abbot said he knew only some of what Monad is. Monad is a state known as “the condition of all”, a supreme oneness with all entities in creation itself. If something was without Monad, it was truly puzzling. An entity without Monad would have to be somehow very different to be at odds with something that gods were bound to.

The head abbot honored his deal to heal the half drow of his ailments, and he imparted what wisdom he could to the men in their parting, “The world needs heroes, and the world needs trust. Heroes cannot stand alone. You must find trust and help where it is offered. What you have shown to us here is of the utmost importance to the cause of good and life. I know not of the trails you have faced, but you cannot continue on life’s journey in perpetual disbelief and suspicion. No hero travels alone.”

The men left, marking the words, but they also could only think of the warnings of Count Harlan Wells. The three found a guide, and after a very substantial payment given the dangerous tales of the fey ruled woods, they were on their way. On the road, they encountered soft mounds of upraised dirt. The things were curious, and as the men stopped to examine them, they were assailed by enormous ant creatures. The things grasped and ripped at the adventurers and their guide, but were quickly put down. The band hurried along, not wanting to test if an anthill of such creatures existed.

The guide led the three to the grove of purple blossomed trees that marked the edge of the fey domain of King Brightcedar. He took his leave, claiming those that enter the wood never return. The men went into the woods. After a time, it became fairly certain that the men had been retracing their steps. The men took their time, always caring for their direction of travel, but still curiously ending ending back where they began. Jozan found tiny flecks of magic gliding upon the air.

It was then that a foreboding voice called out to the men, “Who are you to enter the realms of King Brightcedar, ruler of the Molagona fey?”

Jozan offered their names to the creature, seeking audience with Brightcedar. Much to the men’s surprise, a pixie appeared before them, its high voice conveying that he would tell the King of the men’s presence and their request. the creature told them to wait in the small clearing for his return. An hour would pass with no word from the pixie. As midday approached, the men once again called out to King Brightcedar from the woods.

They were met with the same voice. They responded in the same way as before. A pixie approached them, stating he had forgotten to ask the King and was sidetracked. He then assured the men he would return in time to answer their calls for an audience. Upon leaving, and another hour of waiting, Kaspar was not so sure the creature would remember its courier duties. Jozan attempted to fly up through the canopy as a bird, only to be entangled in the thick overgrowth, a peculiarity for a druid.

Avaniel called out, asking if this is how the fey honored guests to their woods. He said they had been invited here. The forest seemed to take unkindly to the words spoken, for Jozan was cast from the branches above onto the ground, where he resumed his normal form. The forest seemed all the harder to discern at that point. The exit which had been apparent seemed distant now, and the men frantically began to try breadcrumbing to make progress. This was to no avail.

They call out again for audience, and once again, the pixie came to them. He apologized fervently, but he also told the men that the King was not at all pleased by the insult towards hospitality. This was the fey wood, and who were the brownies, mere serfs to the kingdom, to offer hospitality from the throne. The pixie was unsure he could broker a meeting with the Brightcedar, but he once again said he would try. He told the men to wait in the clearing, and implored them not to go near the blue and yellow leaved tree with a hole near its base. That was the entrance to the fey domain, and it was important not to enter without permission. Yes the men could enter as they wanted, but the pixie would announce their arrival.

The adventurers had little belief in the forgetful pixie, and easily found their way to the tree mentioned. Upon touching the wood, the forest around them grew and shot skyward. They then noticed it had not been the forest that ascended, but they had shrunk. They were greeted by the hungry chattering of now man sized rats. Jozan quickly used his magic to mask them from the creatures as they rushed into the hollow of the tree.

Entering the tree, another, smaller hole was directly opposite. The area about it was sparkling in the light beyond, and it was clear the area of the other side was not the area they had just fled from. It was somewhere entirely different. It was then that Talei strained and squawked before speaking in the tongue of men.

He explained he was not a bird, but a creature of these woods. He had been punished by Brightcedar and banished to the wilds, deprived of mind and form to roam. A voice he did not fully understand lead him to the Steelsnout and to Jozan’s service. Now within his mind, the bird hopped towards the opening in the trunk, urging the others into the realms of the fey. The trunk began to shudder, and Talei and Jozan rushed through the opening as the wood crumbled over the opening, stranding behind Avaniel and Kaspar. The hunter and courier looked about to see a roaming, huge rodent before them, barreling and raking its way down the wood.

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Kaspar Ottokar

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