Leticia Sancha


Leticia has short, curly black hair, blue-grey eyes, and coffee skin. She is human and wears a modest gown made of plain teal velvet. It has sheer sleeves and a swirling skirt.


Leticia currently holds a seat for the Civilian District in the Republic of Ailead. She has recently been protesting recent legislation in the Republic to take away privileges from the religious sects of Ailead, most notably the inclusion of taxation on such organizations. She understands that a non-profit organization cannot reasonably support such taxes on itself. Leticia sees this as a direct attack on these institutions.

Avaniel Cerelion and Jozan found their ability to garner Leticia’s support of Sosimo Primo Santos greatly limited. Despite having clear insight as to what her motivations were, the pair could not find the right words to convince her. Bu-Jinwen Nivaye came to the rescue, assuring her that Primo Santos would rally to her casue since his family were well known to regularly enlist in Alariel’s Knights of the Blessed Peace. This was enough to convince Leticia to support the noble house.

Leticia Sancha

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