Louvel Benoit


Louvel is an archeologist studying the ruins of previous civilizations all over Fonoros. He has been excavating ruins primarily in the deserts of Ryin, the Aperture of Dom’s Dignity in Eastern Daramis, and various locations in Perosh. With recent developments in his explorations, he has been rapidly on the move all about Fonoros to different sites. Though not specializing in many of these areas or civilizations, he has an uncanny understanding of where ruins may be found.

Louvel is formerly from Desov in Urima. There, he pioneered many techniques of material recovery after magical and natural degeneration. Though a mage of some renown in the fields of transmutation, necromancy, abjuration, and conjurative healing, Louvel was most highly regarded for his study of scientific principles that could be applied to the same protective effect as the magics he studied. By building a better foundation for accomplishing tasks, he strives to make discovery accessible to all walks of life without the dangers of destroying valuable information from poor methods.

It was this focus that drew him away from Urima and towards Daramis. More specifically, he was intently interested in the colleges emerging in Woristrom. Though still rooted primarily in the well established fields of the arcane, burgeoning communities were gathering there to build psionically focused studies, natural sciences, and social sciences. Though in a prime position of power in the universities, he stuck his neck out to support a new science emerging in the community, archeology. He relished the work and travel room it gave him. His keen mind also made him a prime candidate to assist in laying the groundwork for other generations to follow.

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Louvel Benoit

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