Shaman of the Deep


Ludovic wears a robe that attempts to mimic the waves all about the town of Ailead. Flares of deep blue flow into strips of foamy white. Emerald greens cascade into grays and blacks. He carries a marvelously crafted sword and a pair of rods at his waistline. The sword has the appearance of coral, and bears a single, brilliant mirror about its crossguard.

He wears an ominously distinctive mask. The mask flares to the sides and back in the shape of tendrils, covering the defining features of the Ludovic’s face. Upon the mask are three eyes placed vertically in a stack that glimmers red. The overall color seems as a glassy gray with green highlights made by what appears to be an underlying layer to the fabric. A portion of the mask is cut into a semicircle that allows the wearer to speak unhindered through an accompanying mesh of seaweed like streamers. It is similar to the masks worn by Ebenezer, Icabod, and Octavion.

He speaks in a raspy, otherworldly voice.


Ludovic was responsible for a attacking horde of draugr that ravaged a portion of the hospitality district in Ailead. He used the act to relay a message to the leaders of Ailead that a war was occurring between the dark creepers and his lieges, a group he referred to only as Those Whose Names You Are to Impure to Speak.

He demanded action from the leaders of the city against the dark creepers, stating that it would be of mutual benefit to the town as well. He spoke of a collection of explosive devices being smuggled into the foundations of one of the civilian districts of town. He claimed the creepers were responsible.

The Archive December 22nd and January 6th


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