Marsley, Caretaker

Caretaker of Wildweeper Villa


Marsley is clothed in the same manner of the other caretakers to Wildweeper Villa. He wheres faded and slightly damaged black regalia fitting that of a noble servant. He carries with him an amulet about his neck that allows him to eject unruly people from the villa as needed.

Marsley’s body is a dilapidated form of dark, rotten flesh spattered about his bones. No eyes rest in his sockets.


Marsley is one of the caretakers in Wildweeper Villa. He was slain, along with the family, during the raid of the villa by the people of Mercaeus. He seems to have care and pity for the attic whisperer orphans still inhabiting the grounds. He seems to be one of the few entities in the villa that can grasp the true state of the household, and is duty bound to assist new people coming to the villa.

Marsley, Caretaker

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