Parlow Menfu


Present at Count Harlan Wells’s Festival of Fools party in Northlight, rumors surrounded this man. Parlow Menfu was rumored to be involved in many research projects regarding the origins of different intelligent species. The guests circulated that he had been seen at the orphanages in Orsini, Basoy, and Saint Sophia. The combination of the two rumors had put people in the manor at ill ease, but they were assured by the matrons and patrons of the childcare facilities that his studies were minor. The benefits to the community were major monetarily.

When Jozan and Avanielwere escorted up into the private booth, Parlow was present among the group gathered. After some short banter, the Count and Parlow began to play some sort of strategy board game while the play continued. Menfu seemed to have a keen interest in the adventurers, and Jozan soon discovered that he knew of Jericho to some extent. His line of studies had lead him to cross paths with Jozan’s former mentor. Parlow also seemed to have had a run in with “another Cerelion” at one point, but talk shifted towards Parlow’s background.

He mentioned he was an orphan out of Pa Goi in Sinohi. Early in his life, he stowed away on a ship to Urima, and his interpersonal talents led him to work as a diplomatic aide there. He spent much of his time as a negotiator with Daramis, and was later naturalized to Daramis in his adult life after meeting his late wife, Julia, who died 2 years later. The group reflected on how far they had come as well. A person need not have a noble birth, or even family, to be a person of great influence on Fonoros. During the conversation, Jozan noted the Count pocketing a message he had picked up from one of the game pieces on the board.

Parlow would be present during the events between the adventurers and Duke Florant Asparago Durigo.

Parlow Menfu

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