Requin Nivaye

Father of Bu-jinwen


Requin was the former head of House Nivaye, a famed demon hunter clan in Sinohi. He fathered a child, Bu-Jinwen, with his wife. Having been separated from his father 2 years after birth, Bu-jinwen has no recollection of him. Requin was a famous wizard from the Yaomo Waijiao Guan, and he was known to be able to compose magical speeches that were rumored to be able to sway rival gods into brotherhood. Publicly, the venerated demon hunter took upon the duties of the Yaomo Waijiao Guan, maintaining the boundaries of demonic presence to their appointed areas. Requin’s true ambition, however, was to rid each and every plane of demon existence.

Shortly after Bu-Jinwen was born, Requin had him and his mother moved away to a safe place while the demon hunter prepared his final preparations for the battle to come. Requin had set off to take down his oldest demon yet. This was a prey he had been tracking the machinations and legends of for several centuries. This was a demon lord of deception. This was the demon that was responsible for the majority of the wars and demon uprisings in the Nivaye lands, as well as those in other Yaomo Waijiao Guan controlled regions. However when Requin was finally able to meet his prey, he had already fell into the demon’s trap. For several years Requin and the demon sent their consciousness out to battle mentally. A century passed before the demon to finally deceive and catch Requin offguard, and Requin’s soul was devoured.

After the century long conflict between Requin and the demon, the demon was left unsatisfied. To him, it had been the best Chess game of wits that he had ever hoped for from a mortal. Now that he had regrettably devoured his opponent, there was no more fun moving the pawns and pieces all by himself in this continent. However, he discovered during their mental duel that Requin did have a son. The demons whom had debts to repay the lord were asked to mold the boy into another opponent. This was the demon’s way of developing what they hoped would be a second Requin.

Requin Nivaye

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