Rodrigo Ojuegas


A gaunt, human man, Rodrigo has narrow dark brown eyes and silky blonde hair worn collar-length. His outfit consists of a forest green cotton robe trimmed with silver lace, and matching wool pants.


Rodrigo is well known in Ailead for his quick wit and pursuit of all things scholarly. He is disgusted with individuals showing no true knowledge of the world around them, viewing them as almost subhuman. He serves as an active senator in the Republic of Ailead.

The adventurers, Avaniel Cerelion and Jozan, had a great deal of trouble even speaking with the nobleman given their status and his prejudice towards commoners. It was only because of the noble status of Bu-Jinwen Nivaye that he listened to them. To garner his support for Sosimo Primo Santos, the group regaled him with tales and knowledge of their travels, earning slight respect from the man.

Rodrigo Ojuegas

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