Roger is square of face, broad and fit of frame, and sports a well trimmed beard that traces the edges of his face and lips. The simple clothes he wears speak little of his station; the only out of place apparel coming from his small, red, feathered beret and long, yellow cape. His weapons number few, a sword, axe, bow, and some sort of oddly shaped, slender polearm.

Years of practice seem to have graced Roger with a strong arm and quick wits. His sixth sense for split second tactics and decision making are the marks of an experienced adventurer, traveler, hunter, and soldier.


A long standing friend of Augustin Gonzalo, Roger routinely travels around Eastern Daramis. He is exceptionally well liked and respected wherever he goes. He recently forged a document for a group of travelers to help them surpass the travel embargo between Ailead and Urima. He has also copied a rune the adventurers came upon in the Mouth of Chaos.

During a trip near the Noble District, Roger encountered the group once again. A group of frost giants began to pelt a caravan transporting animals to a zoo in Ailead, releasing a dire hyena upon the onlookers. Roger ascended up a temple and the grand aqueduct to engage the frost giants while the adventurers defeated the hyena. After the battle concluded he took his leave.

Roger continued to run into the group during deliberations at the Tribunal Republic regarding the cause of Sosimo Primo Santos. He met them inside the entrance hallway to the center of the Republic Amphitheater. There, he seemed to have keen knowledge of the deal the adventurers had made with the noble despite the scandal revealing such information might cause. He remarked that he was attempting to file for exemption from the embargo to Urima as well. The huntsman said he was to head there with a companion to meet some good friends of his.

Another chance meeting occured outside the Sturgeon’s Stein. The carriage of the king passed as Roger suggested perhaps hitting another bar to the group. He took note of a spy looking out over the group, eliciting a chase from the companions. Upon returning, Roger was sympathetic to the distance the might draw Jozan and Jang apart after their friendship over the last few weeks. He suggested that all things have a home that must be respected as consolation to the druid.


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