Roland Wildweeper


Roland was the head of the Wildweeper family. They maintained a home, Wildweeper Villa, some nine miles from the town of Mercaeus on the foothills to the southwest of the town. He was known as a just and private man until rumors began circulating around the middle of the Peroshi-Daramaian War. Rumors began to circulate that he was in negotiations to turn over Mercaeus to the invading Peroshi. More talk had been heard of dark magic being practiced within the estate.

The commandant of Fort Mercaeus was told to take action, but he would have little effect in condemning a noble. Upon his leaving, a cacophonous blast came from the Wildweeper Villa as a great, green dragon flew from the home. The gathered townsfolk spoke of a great chest which spilled trinkets of silver and gold upon the countryside as it flew off to the north. The lieutenant moved to contain the ravenous mob, but it had been too late. Fueled by the recent display of the monster on the hill, the fearful folk scaled the gates of Wildweeper Villa. and they began to hunt down and kill those inside.

Many would speak of evil wizards within the place, and of evil specters coming to haunt the scarecrows of the courtyard and front estate. Many townsfolk were slain in the raid, and almost all of the inhabitants of the estate were killed before the soldiers could get inside the estate. The fort adviser, Deras, managed to use his magic to save three of Roland’s children; Irelevi, who still lives in a hut near this town, Ariel, who was taken to Western Daramis for sanctuary, and another son, Aldatre, who was but a young babe at the time. The fourth, Vedralissan was never to be found.

Before Roland would die, he placed a curse upon Fort Mercaeus. He swore to his death throes that Lieutenant Hedravol and his men would serve Mercaeus for all eternity for their failure to defend his innocent family. Not a few days past the event, workers removing the bodies from the building reported disappearances of the workers, and hauntings on the grounds became commonplace. Not a scant few months later, Fort Mercaeus would be razed from internal treachery. All the men of the fort were slain to a man when an invasion force from Perosh took Wellcliff and marched into Mercaeus. The rule of the occupying troops was cruel, but they fell back to Wellcliff as mysterious murders in the fort began to occur. It had appeared Roland Wildweeper’s prayers had indeed been answered by some malevolent force.

When the adventurers from Ailead would question Irelevi about her father, she commented that her parents were some of Fonoros’s most altruistic people and keepers of some of its greatest secrets. She would also speak of her father being a member of a long standing, secret tradition. She told them that sometimes the crimes of men are so great that a lingering power of justice stays behind to enact the will of the departed. Malevolent or divine, mundane or mystical, such things are not known of the origins of this phenomenon. The only certainty is that if the outrage of the departed grows ever higher, it runs over eventually.

Roland Wildweeper

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