Saluhul Zephyrpaw


Routinely wearing a cloak, Saluhul appears to be a keen featured, male elf with radiant, long, blonde hair. An ornate sword lies in a sheath on his hip encased in a worn but well made scabbard, and a particularly war-ready bow rests comfortably in his hand when he is on the hunt. His large shield is carried harnessed to his back. The shield appears to have an insignia of a crescent moon flanked by a pair of parallel arrows. A single star sits in the corner of the triangular shield. The pair of arrows represents his previous rank, High Archer, the crescent moon is the symbol of Austraris, and the star shows his involvement during the war with the goblin and orc tribes of the mountains surrounding Austraris some years ago.

Also of note is Zephyrpaw’s stunning, gleaming breastplate. The piece seems clearly custom made by a skilled craftsman, not at all that of a common woodsman. A pair of boots with winged tops are the other notable feature of the archer’s gear. Equipped with heavy shinguards, the things seem light even in motion.

He carries a second longsword that looks particularly unremarkable in every sense of the word. Upon swinging the weapon at vulnerable creatures, a transparent edge forms on the blade, thickening with the degree of disconnectedness the creature attacked has with the Material Plane.


Saluhul is a former High Archer of Austraris, the husband of Herana Zephyrpaw, father to two children, Seta and Omu, and veteran of the war against the goblinoid and orcish forces around Austraris. During his term of duty in Austraris, he met Herana and started his family. After his term, he moved to the woods near Faldrin and Northlight. Though he wanted to start a new life, he found he could not bear to be too far away from his ancestral home.

After a long hunt away from home, Saluhul returned to the path near his home to find a goblin upon the path. Saluhul joined the adventurers from Ailead to see if his family and neighbor were safe. After a short time, the group discovered Saluhul’s wife and neighbor were captured for unknown reasons by a group of goblinoids near his home.

Tracking the creatures to their lair after interrogating one of the raiders, the group dispatched the threat. Reunited and safe, the group returned to the Zephyrpaw home to speak of the history and goals. Saluhul agreed to guard the road from Faldrin to Northlight for the new recruits headed for the Steelsnout.

Later, Jozan and Avaniel would return to his home. They implored him to join them in a journey to Mercaeus to address wadering undead there. Though reluctant at first, he was convinced by the offering of money for a carpenter to repair his furniture, and Herana offered to assist in hunting for the winter. With his family taken care of, Saluhul joined the two to Mercaeus.

On their way to Mercaeus, the group encountered the Blue Phantom. While crossing the deserted place, they were ambushed by a pair of ogres. The giants delivered crushing blows to Jozan, but the barrage of Avaniel and Zephyrpaw’s arrows was too much for the brutes. Searching inside, Saluhul found no inhabitants. Long departed, the residents left a pair of coin bags that the high archer split with his companions before heading back to the road.

The trio entered the small village of Mercaeus from the north. Even upon entrance, there was a certain weariness to the town, a foreboding gloom that stretched the main streets. The streets were not absent of life though, and people crossed the road here and there toting their bags. Scarecrows littered even the common areas of the town. The raggedly clothed guards blew about on the whims of the breeze, and their sheer numbers made the champions of Faldrin question if these objects truly populated this town.

The townsfolk regarded the Duke’s new recruits little when they walked the streets. Whether they were too concerned with their matters at hand, uncaring to their presence or oblivious to it, the men could not tell. From their vantage point in town, they could see two previously hidden landmarks, Fort Mercaeus and Wildweeper Villa.

After flagging down one of the citizens to ask about where the mayor and constable could be found, about the fort, the scarecrows, and the villa, the trio decided to start with the mayor.
The nondescript man invited the adventurers into his home to talk. He mentioned not having known what the constable would ask of the men, but he understood their situation to a small degree. He was under the impression there was no ill dealings that lead to the arrival of the Duke’s servants which relieved the pair somewhat.

The mayor would continue with his proposition, "I am not overly certain how to express this. The town has been haunted for many a year, ever since the fall of Wildweeper Villa it would seem. We sent word for so long to so many religious centers. Duke Durigo was the first to show much care. Please, I’m not sure what the constable will ask of you, but I want you to cleanse this house. Often the times have been of late that my daughter and son have spoken of voices about the house. They say they have played with something. At first I thought it the whimsey of children.

Not a week ago, my daughter has fallen into some sort of living death. She sleeps in her room for all the days and nights. We’ve tried what we can muster in this small town to no avail. Please, save my daughter, and I will give you petition for what you need."

After the request was made, the group asked to see the child. Finding her in a state of death-like sleep, observations and theories began. A faint aura of magic was present on the girl, but not so much as to imply the presence of a magic incantation. Avaniel realized this effect could be similar to the life stealing properties of some undead, but he was uncertain as to what type of creature would elicit this response.

Upon Saluhul asking if anyone might be able to tell them more, the mayor commented, “If you require counsel, I would say to seek out Irelevi Wildweeper. The woman lives in an old hut on the outskirts of town. She might have knowledge of the ailment of my daughter. Be warned though, she is quite caustic towards those of Mercaeus given what has happened to her family.”

Saluhul Zephyrpaw

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