Sosimo Primo Santos

noble of Ailead


Sosimo’s hair is dark and long, bound back to reveal a clean shaven face. His brow is shaped as to give a perpetual expression of worry despite his untroubled face.

Sosimo routinely wears outfits of the current styles in Ailead. Of them, he favors a thick, red, velvet peacoat embroidered in gold, wool pants similarly colored and short, polished leather boots covering his feet. A black, silk sash and frilly white shirt complete his dress of choice.


Sosimo is one of the younger heads of the Primo Santos family in Ailead. During the embargo between Eastern Daramis and Urima, he has strived to argue for exemption at the Tribunal Republic. He is a friend of Alexander Scipio. It is through Alexander that the companions learned of Sosimo.

The companions found Sosimo discussing some sort of business with a man named Anatoly Olnarov. After the group explained their desire to reach Urima, Sosimo made a proposition. At that time, the embargo threatened the financial stability of the Primo Santos trade empire. Requiring an exemption from this, the noble offered the group to go in his stead to the Tribunal Republic. He asked the allies to rally enough of the senators there allow Primo Santos ships to escape the boycott.

If the companions failed, they were to use the noble’s writ as influence to acquire passage on a ship. From there, Sosimo planned to orchestrate a halt on the ship’s journey near Easthaven Island. A band of privateers there had been raiding private, secret ports and sinking ships from the Primo Santos private fleet. The group and agent were to deal with the pirates, either through violence or coercion, and stop them from attacking Primo Santos ships.

The group agreed. Jozan openly expressed a concern over their ability to argue the cause of a family they knew little about. Sosimo suggested trying to figure out what senators wanted and play with that. He assured Jozan that his family was genuinely a group of good people, many of whom served in the prestigious knight order, Alariel’s Knights of the Blessed Peace. The group had a new mission.

The following day, the group informed Sosimo at the Republic Amphitheater of the senators they had rallied for the cause. The group was elated to learn they had successfully swayed the Republic’s decision in favor of the noble. Sosimo was equally excited to hear the news. He thanked the group and issued them their writ, offering a place to work if they so desired. Bu-jinwen Nivaye declined, stating he needed to return to Urima in all haste. Jozan found the pull of wanderlust to great to ignore, and Avaniel Cerelion was excited at the prospect of a place focused on magic. Sosimo understood and left the offer withstanding should they decide otherwise. He bid the group goodbye.

Sosimo Primo Santos

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