Telletar Jacob, Cpt.

Captain of the Steelsnout


Telletar Jacob sports the same, gray tinted skin present in most natives of Ryin. Combined with a coloring of the oceanic sun, the captain is given a skin tone that seems otherworldly. His grooming is simple, straightforward, and dignified, with long, rapidly greying hair and a clean shaven face. His features are sharp, sullen and bony, giving him an aura of intensity among his crew.

He is routinely seen wearing his slowly fading black and midnight blue captain’s coat. The rest of his regalia is contingent upon the weather of the day, but he has a natural preference of desaturated hues typical of Ryin classical fashion. He is always seen with an extremely sharp long sword at his side and, a small, inconspicuous buckler sits on the side of his hip concealing a dagger.


Telletar Jacob is the Captain of the Steelsnout and a familyless native of Ryin. The companions first encountered him at the Sturgeon’s Stein in Ailead, where they attempted to purchase passage to Urima. Jacob at first stalwartly declined giving Avaniel Cerelion passage due to a strong prejudice towards dark elves. With some heartfelt pleas from Jozan, and quite a bit of extra gold, the captain reluctantly agreed to take along the half elf.

Kaspar Ottokar also approached Jacob about acquiring passage. Offering an extraordinary amount of gold given the cost of the journey and promising the temporary use of a new type of siege weapon from Academia Schule der Zauberei, Kaspar gained a quick acceptance from the Ryin native.

On the waters out of Ailead the captain ordered the engagement of a number of pirate ships that were attacking the Lady in Waiting. After a hard fought battle, Telletar and his First Mate Aldrazan led a boarding party to engage the pirates on the boat. Fighting against difficult odds, Captain Jacob fell momentarily after a valiant defense and skillful dismantling of many pirates. Recovering from the attack, he assisted the crew in luring the leader of the pirates into the line of fire of a Drachen Darm. After the battle, the captain retired to his quarters to rest.

The next morning, the Steelsnout crew awoke to find their boat anchored by magic near Easthaven Island. Despite the attempts of the crew to free themselves, and a brief break in the magic the next day, the ship was stuck for an unknown amount of time to come. The captain, his first mate, and the traveling companions decided it might be best to meet the pirates on their own terms for negotiation. So the adventurers and Aldrazan were sent out by rowboat to the island. After a time, the group returned, and the Steelsnout was once again ready to continue on the Northlight.

Later on the journey to Northlight, the ship was attacked by dark folk chasing Avaniel and Jozan. Captain Jacob and Aldrazan fought to fend off the creatures, but the sly creatures had a trap in place. Bringing aboard crates of the explosive globes previously found in their lair near Ailead, the dark folk blasted the hull of the ship until water poured in. Aldrazan and the captain knew what was to come next, and they ushered the adventurers and a pair of crewmen into the captain’s cabin to prepare.

The Steelsnout began to transform, taking the shape and summoning the crew of the Barbaroi. Jacob claimed a mysterious stranger offered him a ship of his own in the past, one that would never rot at the depths of the sea, in exchange for a mysterious payment. What he claims he got was the Barbaroi. The ship only manifests its true form under extreme damage, and when it does, the phantom crew of the Barbaroi and its captain, Paras, appear to drag the ship under the waves. This had happened but once before according to Jacob, on a reef near Suveis Rise. After the explanation, the trio of adventurers decided to scout the ship for Captain Paras. Originally, Aldrazan and Captain Jacob were to stay in their cabin until the scourge of the phantom ship could be found, but the guests ran into some of the ghostly crew. Captain Jacob and Aldrazan took arms, and the combined steel managed to overtake the creatures.

Later on, Avaniel ran to the captain and first mate so they could aid in the defeat of Paras, who was at that time cutting Jozan to pieces in fast order. The combined might of the warriors once again prevailed, and Jacob commanded the phantom Barbaroi crew to repair the ship and set a course for Northlight before dismissing them.

The captain was approached by agents of the Count Harlan Wells during the ship’s stay in Northlight. They confiscated the writ of passage for Jozan and Avaniel. The captain angrily confronted the pair on their return from the count’s masquerade ball, and he set sail for Wellcliff without the pair.

Telletar Jacob, Cpt.

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