Coded Message

Carried by Avaniel


A simply bound, leather journal style book. Inside are puzzles made on scraps of paper placed in the binding of the book. One of the puzzles is a coded message that reads…

_“Keep an eye out for a Ryin boat in the coming days. Make moves to contact us if you’ve seen it. CR says Grays will pay well.

Maintain your position and cause trouble wherever you can when Home is near. See if you can make them skirt Molagona so the Blues can help. I don’t like sharing, but CR says they’re invaluable.



A coded book of messages discovered on the Lady in Waiting after a pirate attack. Avaniel Cerelion was able to decipher the contents of the message after the crew of the Steelsnout discovered the undercover pirate’s book.

Coded Message

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