Plain-looking Longsword

Carried by Saluhul

weapon (melee)

This longsword looks particularly unremarkable in every sense of the word. Upon swinging the weapon at vulnerable creatures, a transparent edge forms on the blade, thickening with the degree of disconnectedness the creature attacked has with the Material Plane.

Sword of the Planes

This longsword has an enhancement bonus of +1 on the Material Plane, but on any Elemental Plane its enhancement bonus increases to +2. The +2 enhancement bonus also applies whenever the weapon is used against creatures native to the Elemental Plane. It operates as a +3 longsword on the Astral Plane and the Ethereal Plane, or when used against opponents native to either of those planes. On any other plane, or against any outsider, it functions as a +4 longsword.
Strong evocation; CL 15th
Slot none; Price 22,315 gp; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, plane shift; Cost 11,315 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


This sword was acquired near the mutilated corpse of Roland Wildweeper outside of Wildweeper Villa by Avaniel Cerelion. The sword appears to have been one of the three jagged shards used in a binding ritual on the noble.

Upon defeating a living shadow within the Villa, this sword appeared on the ground. They men found it to be magical, but were unaware of its powerful nature until they took it to Irelevi Wildweeper.

Later, the men learned from Caretaker Marsley that the shards were all placed into the body during a binding ritual done by a " Man in Bone White Armor ". After the ritual, Roland’s ghost no longer was present on the grounds.

The sword was given with a magic scabbard to Saluhul Zephyrpaw for his bravery and assistance in the face of a great adversity at Wildweeper Villa.

Plain-looking Longsword

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