Ailead is the largest and most influential port city in Eastern Daramis. It is situated next to the northern coast and borders the Aperture of Dom’s Dignity to the south. To the west, Anvil Crawler Brake serves as a source of foresting, mining, and hunting for the inhabitants. The Molagona Mountains lie to the east of the city, and it is from there that water is brought from Lake Icedrift to Ailead via the great aqueduct.

Ailead, like all of Eastern Daramis, is ruled by the king of Daramis in the west, but it has been allowed to be self governing for many generations through the Tribunal Republic. This decision was made to alleviate strain on maintaining military presence over such a large distance. The overall impact has been enormously beneficial to both parties. Ailead governs and enforces law in the east, while Saint Sophia rules the west.

Population: 500,000

Size:Approximately 5 square miles

Dominant Races: Human and Dwarves

Imports: High quality lumber, Sinoan silk, and spirits
Exports: Textiles, glass, furnishings, peppers, oil, metal and stone
Famous: Architecture, art, navy, economic theory, free business, and elected government
Infamous: Shrewd business, polar disposition of population, and widening social gap

Points of Interest

Augustin Gonzalo’s Estate

Civilian Districts

(1. S of port, N of hosp, between merchant and republic, NW of nobles. 2. S of merchant, W of market, border to outside. 3.E of market, SW of Hosp, SE of noble.)


(covering the northern coastline)

Renard’s Sextant

Salty Catfish

Sturgeon’s Stein

Hospitality Center

Marco’s Glass and Compass


Merchant Quarter

(in the west section of the city, south of the port)

Fountain of Indomitable Spirit

Rule of Gold al’Ailead

Noble District

Primo Santos Estate

Republic Authority District

(in northeastern section of the city, just south of the port)

Public Meeting Halls

Republic Amphitheater


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