Augustin Gonzalo's Estate

This home of Augustin Gonzalo is located at the intersection between the market district to the south, the merchant district to the northwest, and the hospitality area to the east in Ailead

The Front Porch

A Mocarabe arch houses the main doorway to structure, which is shaded on the patio by cylinder columns supporting a series of wooden lattices draping a richly patterned, thin cloth that lightly blocks the sunlight. No sign hangs outside the building, an indication of the private nature of the man within perhaps. The old wood door seems to invite company of those who know where to look.

The Entrance Atrium

The iron framed door opens to reveal an interior that is heavy with the scent and smoke of incense and spices. The entrance room to the rest of the dwelling has thick carpets of intricate patterns incorporating plant and animal motifs. The walls are similarly decorated, although far more sparingly, with frescoes painted in a thin line around the walls. A large, plush sofa sits in front of a short, long table against one wall. Above the sofa, is a painting of a collection of soldiers posing in some far off land of sparse rocks, plush grass and sporadic olive trees. A chest height dresser holds burning incense and small candles often. An armoire completes the simple furnishings of the first room. The piece is tall, made of varnished red wood and has lattice covered doors on the upper section. Small trinkets of art settle in this armoire. To either side of the case, openings lead to other sections of the small house.

The Meeting Hall

This room is connected by the right entryway in the atrium. This room is long and rectangular, with an ornamented rug large enough to run the room. The long walls that face the exterior of the building have a trio of latticed, curtained windows that bleed light into the room. Opposite of them, small sconces hold lamps to light the room at night. Small and large sculptures populate shelves on this wall as well as stand on the floor. On the same wall, near the far end, is a door with silvery handle leading to the side study.

Also at the far end, next to the back wall some thirty feet away, is a desk of dark colored wood carved with reliefs of grapevines up the legs. A collection of medals and awards adorn the wall behind the desk, surrounding a portrait of a man in military finery that looks as though he could be an ancestor of Augustin. Two chairs of marked craftsmanship stand to mirror the one behind the fanciful desk. Both are patterned richly in the upholstery fabric.

Side Study

Opening the door reveals a small study filled with medals, awards, sashes and countless collectibles. A fine military suit is on display, complete with a gleaming breastplate and comb morion helmet.


This room is an extradimensional space held in a piece of thin brown cloth which Augustin keeps on his person. Placing it upon the ground, the cloth appears to be about the size of a double door, and at the end a small metal latch is connected to the fabric. Gonzalo can enter his workshop by gripping this handle and pulling. The ground below the cloth will disappear, revealing a set of stairs to go down. The cloth itself has depth close to a cellar door at that point. It is as if the man can place a door, a whole room, in his pocket.

The path into the workshop is dark, no light is cast about the area until a side panel on the wall is pressed. After doing so the whole of the complex is illuminated dimly via small sconces holding rocks which glow, allowing vision. This area is large, perhaps 20 feet in height, and packed for a fair walking distance with rows of shelves covered in all manner of boxes, pots, glassware, paper packets and jars holding components and solutions. The structure itself is made of stonework, with tapestries hanging about to brighten up the dank storage area. There area is rectangular in shape, and stretches a good deal forward before terminating in a double, wooden door near the back. The air is surprisingly fresh given the sheer amount of aromatics about and the common idea of how a cavernous lair should smell. Looking down either side of the rows, a person would notice buttresses that seem to indicate rooms on both of the long sides of this area.

In the lab to the back left, a still pumps fluids to the left of the entrance door. A desk is scattered with papers, formulas and vials of concoctions in the middle of the room. About the walls of the room are racks of different liquids bottled for use. A small trunk in the back holds books and small bits of lesser used pieces of equipment. A door to the left and another near the back are the other exits to this place. The door on the left leads to a smaller, private study with a desk and wine. The door near the back leads to a hall leading to a bound iron door. This room contains a covered pit holding an aberration.

To the back right of the main hall is an art gallery. This room has a large array of sculptures and paintings covering the floor and walls. Most are portraits of people. Some are scenes of landscapes. Some are even of a more abstract quality, excellence in form rather than imitation.

Augustin Gonzalo's Estate

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