Mercaeus primarily refers to the fort nearby not one hundred years ago. Not long after the most recent Peroshi-Daramaian War started, the crown bolstered its hold in the area to support the naval force at Northlight in the event of an invasion east of Molagona. With an influx in troops, a town sprang up from citizens of Noongloom Wood, Wellcliff, and Northlight seeking to gamble their luck supplying the troops of the fort with recreation. They bought the land from the Wildweeper family, a noble house that had built a nearby villa that predated even the fort.

After the fort fell to a curse some eighty years ago, Mercaeus continued to be a waypoint through the central plains and hills east of Molagona. The people there oft speak of haunted areas near the fort and old villa. Over the years, the folk of the town have become a superstitious bunch. For every person claiming to have witnessed the macabre visage of some abominable minion of the darkness, you will find another quick to discredit it. That is, until they too become rambling and paranoid.

Even upon entrance to Mercaeus, there is a certain weariness to the town, a foreboding gloom that stretches the main streets. The streets are not absent of life though. The vast majority of buildings in the town are small cottages for the townsfolk to rest after the toil of the fields was over. The town is too far removed from the sea to make its living off the azure waves, and no river splits the surrounding lands. All the citizens receive from Fonoros is hoisted up from the bowels of the earth beneath them. Scarecrows litter even the common areas of the town. The raggedly clothed guards blow about on the whims of the breeze, and their sheer numbers make newcomers question if these objects truly populated this town.

The townsfolk regard travelers little. Adventurers should anticipate the first step in traveling to the tiny village lie in speaking with either the mayor or constable. From inside the main street of the town, two landmarks are paramount.

To the west, along the flat ground of the dry plains, people can make out the form of Fort Mercaeus. Two tall towers sit in front of a sliver of wall against the horizon. If those who have not visited the place can almost feel an aura of dread crawling out towards the small village from the place.

To the southwest, a large villa overlooks the town on the sloping foothills. Fog lay in the tiny valleys of the mounds. The large home is clearly gated heavily, and there was a certain stillness to land around it that is curious. Despite the brisk wind blowing over the surrounding areas of Mercaeus, no motion is present on the hill, and a collection of scarecrows sits as silent sentinels to the peaked structure.

Population:305 Adults

Size: Approximately .03 square miles

Dominant Races: Human, Halfling, and Elf

Imports: Canoes
Exports: Whetstones and garlic
Famous: Fort Mercaeus
Infamous: Ritual dancing and chanting

Points of Interest

Wildweeper Villa

Fort Mercaeus

The Shattered Talisman

Mercaeus Constable

Mercaeus Council Hall

The Chant and Staff

The Dying Duchess

Weary Soldier Inn

Hut of Irelevi Wildweeper


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