Northlight is on the northeastern coast of Eastern Daramis, to the east of the Molagona Mountains. It is ruled by Count Harlan Wells rather than a Daramain lord. As the community became larger due to its proximity to Urima and as a gateway from middle Eastern Daramis to northern Eastern Daramis, traders and politicians exerted pressure upon the Daramain crown to allow less stringent regulations regarding the coastal town.

With the saturation of multinational citizens doing business and living in Northlight, the crown took the initiative to turn control of the city to a count. With a count as leader of Northlight, the climate could be far more malleable to fit the needs of the rapidly changing city. Many suspect that the action was taken for less altruistic reasons. It was becoming more likely that, given its growth, Northlight might very well become the capital of a new nation if it had the prestige and presence of high nobility at its seat of power. It is also speculated that it was a simple political maneuver to give more power to the populace, as signs were showing that the nobility could never hope to enforce its rule with military might given the highly defensive geography of the surrounding area.

Population: 100,000

Size:Approximately 2 square miles

Dominant Races: Human, Halfling, and Elves

Imports: Silkworms and strawberries
Exports: Lemons, swords, and yams
Famous: Dreadlocks and tight clothing
Infamous: Farmers, fashion heckling, and nightwatch

Points of Interest

Market District

The Crimson Plow

Curios and Collectibles


Durant’s Arms

The Flying Mug

Hangari Seishin

The King and Rose

Indoor Market

Mad Maddock’s Magnificent Magics

Open Air Market

The Shepherd’s Cellar

Urima Embassy of Northlight


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