Rule of Gold al'Ailead

This is a merchant banking interest in Ailead situated in the Merchant Quarter.


The Rule of Gold is a forty foot building consisting of four floors. The second and third stories have bridges traversing overhead of the roads to the south and to the west of the building. The first floor’s southwest corner is a row of payment windows where quick transactions may take place. These are always heavily guarded by the private security of the bank in addition to the frequent patrols of the Ailead peace officers.

The west side of the building has a number of counting tables along the sidewalk to aid in the counting and exchanging of sums of money too large for the service windows but too small for an interior exchange in the second floor of the bank itself. Customers may exchange their money in the first floor of the bank at a reduced fee in more comfortable surroundings. While a person may request documentation or make payments to accounts with this method, it is generally a much slower process due to more customers desiring these services.

Rule of Gold al'Ailead

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