The Steelsnout is a trading ship from Ryin. Its captain is Telletar Jacob, who is assisted by his First Mate Aldrazan. The crew itself numbers close to two hundred in size. Most of these will be regulars to the journeys of the Steelsnout with a small amount of sailors being brief conscripts at any given time. It sometimes will take in travelers on its trading voyages if the pay is good and the trouble is not too great. The ship can take between twenty and forty passengers depending on the amount of space occupied by their cargo. If the hull of the ship is particularly full on a prosperous or elongated journey, the excess cargo will be moved into the common rooms and guest quarters of the ship. The ship itself has no form of animal storage to care for livestock or horses.

The ship stretches 145 feet in length from stem to stern and is constructed of oak braced with iron for the major frame components, cedar for the planking, and teak for the deck and inner structures. The main mast of the ship rises one hundred thirty feet into the air from the deck, while the distance from the top deck to the bottom of the hull is 33 feet, eighteen feet of which is draught. While the figurehead of the Steelsnout is plain and simple, the name of the ship comes from a slightly less noticeable feature. A thick, heavy, painted, steel ramming device is located near the bottom of the ship’s hull and extends ten feet from the prow of the ship.

In the event the Steelsnout must defend herself, the crew are seasoned fighters, many of which have spent time as soldiers in the Ryin military. The ship is stocked with arms (shortswords, rapiers, and crossbows) and armor (studded leather, some chain shirts, and bucklers) for close to one hundred men. These men will be charged with the duty of working the most dangerous portions of the deck and preparing for boarding procedures offensively and defensively. The remaining crew are to deal with operation of ship movement and the use of siege weapons under the deck. These siege weapons below deck include twenty ballistae distributed to both sides of the ship. Two light catapults and a single heavy catapult make up the above deck siege weapons.

800 tons burthen


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