Tribunal Council

A group of three people that form a branch of the Ailead government system called the Tribunal Republic. These three individuals are assigned the task of organizing the efforts of their respective assemblies.


The members are chosen internally among the senators of the Republic of Ailead, one for each of the three branches. They are elected to five year terms, and they may continue to hold a seat on the Tribunal as long as they retain the popular vote. While there is no limit on terms, once a person is relieved from the Tribunal, there are unable to hold office in the Tribunal Republic again. When a candidate is risen to the Tribunal, a senator’s previously held seat is reassigned to another person.


The Tribunal Council functions as a form of tie breaker and conservative check on the power of the Republic. If there is ever a tie in the Republic due to the inability of a faction to get the two thirds vote necessary to validate a judgment, the Tribunal Council member representing that delegation casts the deciding vote for his section. If the vote for a particular piece of legislation passes with a vote of two for and one against, the Tribunal may exercise their authority to veto the new legislation. This generally is in agreement with the previous vote, but the Tribunal has been swayed to vote against their delegation at times (usually ending in a dismissal of the member during the next voting period). If all three groups unanimously vote on a legislation, the Tribunal Council is not used.

Current Seat Holders

Noble District: Laceo Tallwyn

Merchant Quarter: Gazanfer Ulfi

Civilian District: Bernardo Amando

Tribunal Council

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