Session 10: Off to Sea

With transportation secured to Urima, Bu-Jinwen Nivaye, Avaniel Cerelion, and Jozan took a moment to examine their spoils of the last few days. Jozan was able to determine that a scabbard and cloak he had been carrying had magical properties. Although the scabbard remained a mystery, the cloak had protective properties. Surprisingly, Jozan noted that the sketches he had been holding of the runes of the Mouth of Chaos and Shalecore had very strong magic in them as well. With this knowledge, the group went out to sell their items, and Jozan left to bid Jang farewell.

Taking the camel to the Aperture of Dom’s Dignity, Jozan asked his companion if he would make the journey with them somehow. The camel saw great danger in the path Jozan walked and questioned if the druid understood how much peril he might be in. Jozan agreed it would be a difficult road ahead across the ocean, but it was a journey he could not ignore. Jang then commented that he worried for the druid. The worry stemmed from the runes he had made and showed around to others. The camel felt uneasy, scared even, of the things every time he saw them. Jozan found this odd but put it aside to have a more happy departure with his friend. Jozan returned to his life of wandering. Jang returned home.

The group neglected to follow up on the clues given to them by the spy earlier in the day and settled on camping outside the city until their journey the next morning. After an uneventful night, the group made their way to the docks and were transported to the Steelsnout just off the port. There the group settled in and awaited the anchor to be raised and their journey to begin.


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