Session 3: The Decorated Veteran

Fresh off acquiring a new member to their group, Avaniel Cerelion, Jozan, Kaspar Ottokar, and the stoic Jang entered the port city of Ailead. Entering through the production section of the merchant district, Kaspar soon broke off from the group to get a reward for the adventurers as they waited in the grand plaza which held the fountain monument known as the Fountain of Indomitable Spirit. The group watched and listened to an official Tribunal Republic messenger speak about a string of burglaries about the town as well as the trade and travel embargo to Urima.

Meanwhile, another man listened to the announcement as he recovered from a brush with otherworldly forces in a strange, new land. Bu-Jinwen Nivaye listened to the messenger’s announcement with great frustration. He needed to return to Urima with haste in order to secure the safety of his mother.

The adventurers all approached the messenger to question him about the events he spoke of. The group had a great desire to make its way to Urima, and they were told the only way to be exempted from the embargo was to be either military or have favor and recommendations through reputable sources. The group asked about the bandits thinking that some service to the guard could garner a recommendation, but they were quickly downtrodden that for the majority of the day the watch officers would be at the Republic Amphitheater receiving orders on how to enforce the boycott. Kaspar returned with payment slips that the group turned in before resuming the search for Augustin Gonzalo. After finding his location, the group made their way to his home.

During the course of the day, the group had learned that Augustin was a very highly decorated and respected military tactician before retiring. After turning in the package to the older gentleman, the group listened as he briefly addressed the meeting of leaders from Urima, Daramis, Perosh and Sinohi for a intercontinental relations summit. He proposed that, given the state of the world, war was an inevitability. Noting the look of adventurers, Gonzalo offered to help the group with a recommendation and connections to others with pull to get the companions to Urima if they would help him deal with a demon in his workshop.

After the group agreed, Gonzalo produced a magical item that housed his workshop. Inside, the group found many curiosities but found it difficult to locate the demon. A closing of a door alerted the group to the presence of the demon in an art gallery. A pair of the creatures attacked the group with putrid clouds, mangled claws and ferocious teeth. Avaniel was grievously wounded and fainted as the others struggled to recover from the nauseating cloud. Bu-jinwen’s eery hex magic allowed for the group to finish off the rampaging monsters in a magically induced slumber. The group currently stood in the basement, recovering from their wounds. They waited for the chance to claim their recommendation. Jozan carefully pulled out the sketched rune in his bag and his hand trembled slightly at the thought that the old man might have some answers regarding the ancient symbol.


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