Session 6: A New Type of Weapon

The group of Avaniel, Bu-Jinwen, and Jozan continued their search for the coastline base of the dark creepers that Ludovic had described in his scroll to Captain Junipero Olegario. The group followed tracks and signs of passing travelers to find the well hidden cave among the porous, black, flat boulders to the east, roughly six miles up the coast.

The entrance seemed unguarded, and the howling of the coastal breeze mixed with that of the subterranean air made for good auditory cover for their entrance. Sneaking in carefully, the lack of light in the cavern proved a burden throughout due to the twisting nature of the tunnels blocking much of any light source the party had produced. A scout was discovered by the adventurers, whom was alerted at the same time and attempted to engage with the intruders. Bu-jinwen quickly used his dark influence to crumble the creature to sleep before it was dispatched swiftly.

Jozan moved deeper into the tunnels, discovering a kitchen with two working creatures. His movement was concealed well due to the preoccupation of the creepers with the day’s meal currently cooking, well enough to allow magic that empowered the druid’s muscles with supernatural strength. However, he crept to closely, and the duo was alerted to his presence, calling other creepers to arms from another distant room. Bu-jinwen slept one of the creatures, but the other moved to fight Jozan. In the back of the cavern, the original scout erupted into a flash of stunning light which reveled nothing to the party.

The pair of dark creepers from the storage area moved quickly to the kitchen, and all three of the small humanoids jabbed their poison coated daggers at Jozan. The poison crept into Jozan’s veins, weakening the woodland native despite his magic. From the rear, footsteps could be heard quickly approaching. Bu-jinwen, seeing their cover was blown, and the need for vision as paramount, cast magical light upon the area, revealing a pack of the enemies to the rear.

The group continued to push back the tide of dagger wielding foes until a pair of them, one on each side, erupted into a blinding light which had everyone but Jozan reeling back with blindness. The allies found themselves digging deep into reserves of courage not to run away and to hold the line. As the blindness began to leave the combatants, two of the wretched thieves ran off as they saw the tide going unfavorably. Sword and spear continued to diminish the numbers of the dark creepers until the group noted the absence of two of them. Attempting to follow, they quickly met with the realization that the creatures had escaped into a crawlspace which led into unknown areas of the lair.

The group looted the remnants of the cave, finding many coins and some scant jewelry. A quartet of courtier’s outfits, a spyglass, and some foreign tools were had in another storage crate. The last crate held a wool, navy blue cloak and a worn, well constructed scabbard. With the spoils of battle obtained, Jozan turned his attention to a pile of luminous, glass like globes that lay piled high upon the cavern floor. Stacked upon hay, the orbs looked and felt very fragile, and the interior appeared to be aglow as if by fire.

Jozan threw one far away to discover it shattered, produced a large plume of flame, and shook the cavern with concussive force. Making a note of this, Jozan took one of the globes, wrapped it in the cloak, and placed it in a carrying crate. The group queried if these were the explosives Ludovic mentioned the dark creepers planting. Piling up the last of the globes, the group safely detonated the stash near the entrance to the crawlspace. Shattered, crumbling rock and dust fell down, covering the entrance. Feeling confident this would halt the operations of the creepers, the group felt secure in leaving the cave. All the while, they wondered if their presence would be noted and remembered by the enemies who had escaped.


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