Sophia Fatima


Saint Sophia Fatima the Pristine is one of the seven great heroes of Fonoros. She is known through myth and lore along with her compatriots for the many great acts and good deeds done by their strength and courage. Among these is the defeat of the Dragon of Death, Yogir, and his banishment from the realm of men and mer.

Saint Sophia is renowned throughout the church of Alariel as her most stalwart champion and defender of the faith. It is said she is the embodiment of mercy, using near infinite patience and understanding to solve problems rather than blades.

She is said to have visited Vedralissan Wildweeper before the fall of Wildweeper Villa. Her advisement brought great recovery to the ailing girl. She suggested the girl no longer treasure wealth, knowing that the silver she coveted was causing the illness and was causing an illness of spirit as well. it was her fear that the child’s covetous nature might lead to far worse things than her continued sickness. She gave the child a single memento to remind her of the saintess’ advice, a gold pendant of Fatima enclosed around a flawless emerald.

Sophia Fatima

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