Writ of Passage

Carried by Jozan


This document allows for the passage of the listed persons to a predetermined destination currently unaccessible to the general populace.


This document was given to Jozan, Bu-Jinwen Nivaye, and Avaniel Cerelion by the Tribunal Republic in Ailead. It gives them passage to Urima through the trade and travel embargo.

It was given to Captain Telletar Jacob of the Steelsnout to show they were able to be passengers on his ship. It was carried by him until the Writ was revoked by Count Harlan Wells of Northlight on grounds of falsification of documents used in its procurement.

Later, it was returned to Jozan by Herald Kirstiana Abaun in Wellcliff after the adventurers assisted Mercaeus under the orders of the offended party, Duke Florant Asparago Durigo.

Writ of Passage

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