Writ of Recommendation

No Longer Carried


A special writ that ordains the person whom it is written for with approval of character on a governmental, noble, or philanthropic scale.


With the embargo on travel and trade between Ailead and Urima, the group required a method to travel across the ocean to Urima. They have settled on attempting to receive enough writs to secure an exemption from the travel ban.

So far, the travelers have acquired four writs. The first was for services rendered to Augustin Gonzalo for exterminating a demon in his portable workshop. The second is in actuality an elaborate forgery created by Roger that places Duke Florant Asparago Durigo as the sponsor. The third is from Captain Junipero Olegario when the group battled the dark creepers burglarizing Ailead and collapsed their supply lines. The forth was received from Sosimo Primo Santos after the travelers successfully argued his case for exemption from the embargo between Urima and Eastern Daramis at the Tribunal Republic. The writs played a small role in improving the credibility of the group during their arguments.

The group has since turned in these writs at the port authority to be processed for their own exemption.

Writ of Recommendation

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