Faldrin is a small farming village located near the Molagona Mountains, on the outskirts of Northlight. The Oaken Shield is the inn of choice for travelers to the area. The town has a clandestine secret to the outside world. A forest drake that has plagued the town of Faldrin for many years. The creature’s particular taste for elven and halfling flesh has made it a true terror for the villagers.

The state of the town and surrounding forest is in constant disrepair. The drake’s willingness to abuse its acidic breath has left Faldrin in a constant state of rebuilding, and the forest has become discolored and twisted from the potent breath.

Recently, the adventurers from Ailead have become heroes of the small community. Their trio slew the drake in its cavern home after discovering the creature’s weakness to silver. Upon returning, they were heralded in high regard, and the drake’s head was turned over to the innkeeper of The Oaken shield to be mounted with the shields of the fallen.

Points of Interest

The Oaken Shield


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