Mouth of Chaos Cult

The Mouth of Chaos Cult is an order of woodsman and hunters around Ailead that hold a type of religious fervor for the anomalous that occur in the Mouth of Chaos, a nautical landmark situated somewhere in the western coastal cliffs of Anvil Crawler Brake.

Core Beliefs

While mysterious and uncertain, members of the cult seem to hold a reverence for what they describe as voices in the Mouth of Chaos.




Bertram Garret was known to congregate with other members of the cult in and around the coastal cave as well as Anvil Crawler Brake. After attacking the huntmaster of Ailead, a bounty was placed on Garret’s head. Many hunters took up the cause for the exceptional reward posted.

The group was tracked to their hideout in the Mouth of Chaos by Avaniel Cerelion, Jozan, and the camel companion Jang. During the course of the journey, many questions had arisen regarding the events of the assault and the cult’s purpose in general. Avaniel confronted Bertram in the coastal cave where he confessed to attacking the huntmaster after believing he would attempt to kill him. He reasoned that the huntmaster thought he would contact the tribunal council in Ailead whom might send for the Royal Alchemy Society based in Daramis.

Bertram then asked if Avaniel could hear the voices of the cave. Both Avaniel and Jozan, who was hidden, attempted to listen to the voices the cult spoke of. Both were able to hear noises that seemed like a congregation of voices and thoughts, revealing that the hunters spoke truth and were not the victims of madness. Upon listening more and relinquishing a degree of control, Jozan was able to focus on a single, more powerful voice among the thrall. In very broken words and fragments of sentences, it described itself to something as “supreme in this realm” and “linked to death as the very characters that make it’s title”.

Deeming the group dangerous, Avaniel and Jozan engaged the cult. During the brief skirmish, Jozan noted that an eagle he had summoned with his magic appeared to decay, molt and melt slightly in the cave’s inside before reaching the end of its appointed service time. The battle ended with three members of the cult and Bertram dead.


Bertram Garret

Ishak al’Derya

Miscellaneous hunters and woodsman around Ailead

Mouth of Chaos Cult

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